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  • SCA


    Using our own system gives us the power over the information.”

    Ola Nilsson, Vice President of Risk Management and Insurance at SCA

  • E.ON Loss Prevention


    “Loss prevention is fully controlled by us and can be shared with all stakeholders.”

    Martin Böös, Insurance Manager, E.ON Nordic

  • S:t Erik Försäkring


    “It is easy to report events in the web based system.”

    Jan Willgård, Managing Director, St Erik Försäkring

    image by Yanan Li, cropped, CC BY 3.0

  • E.ON Insurance

    customers eon3

    “Total control at a glance”

    Kjell Lundblad, Senior Insurance Manager, E.ON

  • SKF

    SKF office

    “One system supporting our insurance needs.”

    Klas Iloson, Managing Director at SKF Reinsurance

    image by SKF

  • E.ON Risk Management

    Kjell Olsson

    “Integrated risk management provides balance for the operations”

    Kjell Olsson, Risk Manager, E.ON Sverige AB

  • Malmö stad Information Security

    Bo Goeran web5

    “The iFACTS method helps our system owners and administrators to gather and compile requirements without being IT-specialists.”

    Bo-Göran Andersson, information security coordinator in Malmö city within Stadskontoret.