“Loss prevention is fully controlled by us and can be shared with all stakeholders.”


E.ON Nordic produces and supplies energy and energy related services to approximately one million customers. E.ON is one of the world’s largest privately owned energy companies, with 30 million customers.

E.ON Sverige AB – Risk Management and Insurance uses INSMAN and iFACTS Facility. The entire insurance management process including loss prevention work is handled in the system.

Furthermore E.ON uses other products from iFACTS to handle their information security, environmental debt, project risks and risk management within different departments of the company.

Below, Martin Böös, Insurance Manager, E.ON Nordic describes how the work with loss prevention has become much more efficient with the support from iFACTS tools.

Martin is the primary contact for the different companies within E.ON Nordic, in regards to all insurance types, claims management and the work with loss prevention.

With iFACTS Facility Martin governs the loss prevention work, inspections and recommendations.

In practice different control questions have been defined, approx. 30 of these, and they are set up in the Check & Control module. Martin decides which facilities to be inspected, within different time intervals. The answers are reported in the Audit module. The classic Survey (UW) and Inspection reports are generated by the system.

The beauty of the system comes with the responsible persons being able to continuously work with non-conformities and recommendations in the Facility module. The responsibility is divided among insurance and security staff at the different facilities.

Martin says:

”We gather much more information today, our reports are much better, summarized in a better way, easier to follow-up. Frequent damages/claims have decreased. But most of all the status of the work at the facilities has increased – substantially improving order and structure. They understand how important a structured way of working is – there is a new focus on this at the facilities.”

Martin continues:

”The results from the inspections have improved continuously since we started using the iFACTS tools.”

Before a system was implemented for the loss prevention work the facilities were barely involved in the process. Best case they received the final report, but there was barely any dialogue around improvements. Instead the report was primarily used for follow-up with external partners, e.g. insurers and brokers.

Martin finishes:

”Now there is a great commitment to on-going improvements directly resulting in not only fewer losses, but also decreased insurance premiums.”