iFACTS in the public sector

Long experience from working with the iFACTS method and software in the public sector has given us unique knowledge how to support a wide variety of processes. In Stockholm insurance management is connected to event handling throughout the city. The information security work in Helsingborg has been further developed to support the event handling, insurance and risk work as well. In Malmö the information security work will be further developed to support business continuity.

  • S:t Erik Försäkring


    “It is easy to report events in the web based system.”

    Jan Willgård, Managing Director, St Erik Försäkring

    image by Yanan Li, cropped, CC BY 3.0

  • Helsingborg Information Security


    “Get in control of our information”

    Per Sandström, Information Security Manager at Helsingborg Stad.

    image by Anders Ebefeldt

  • Helsingborg Event


    “Analysis can be made directly and followed-up with appropriate actions”

    Sten Orre, Security Co-ordinator at Helsingborg Stad

    image by Anita Göransson

  • Malmö stad Information Security

    Bo Goeran web5

    “The iFACTS method helps our system owners and administrators to gather and compile requirements without being IT-specialists.”

    Bo-Göran Andersson, information security coordinator in Malmö city within Stadskontoret.