S:t Erik Försäkring

janneSt Erik Försäkring is the insurance company for the City of Stockholm. The purpose of the company is to provide insurance cover for activities run by the City of Stockholm or other related companies. S:t Erik Försäkring shall contribute to the City of Stockholm having risk awareness and security thinking, in order to prevent claims, maintain the service level of the City and minimize the insurance cost.

Already in 2004 St Erik started to use INSMAN for insurance handling. In 2007 the iFACTS Incident & Event software was implemented. The processes have been developed with the system and at present the whole chain of renewal, invoicing and claims handling is covered, as well as the complete handling of all incidents in the City of Stockholm. Looking forward the loss prevention work will also be actively followed up with fully owned information in iFACTS Facility.

Jan Willgård, Managing Director, St Erik Försäkring:

”iFACTS incident reporting system is an efficient tool for reporting injuries and incidents occurring within the operations of the city. It is easy to report events in the web based system. Furthermore it is a good tool for analysis to get a picture of what is happening in the organization, both locally in different administrations and in the different companies, as well as for us working with these issues centrally in the city.”

Jan Willgård continues to describe the advantages with connecting the different systems:

”By connecting the incident reporting system RISK with INSMAN the different units in the city can easily report their insurance claims directly in the insurance system of St Erik Försäkring. The claims handling process is substantially simplified. When the system also will be connected to iFACTS Facility module the work can be further improved, when facts about the insured buildings automatically can be updated in the insurance system and connected to other claims’ information.”