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Web based governance, maintenance and control

Set objectives, formulate strategies, and follow-up

Strategies play a very important role in an organization. Usually the mission is declared together with key objectives in several perspectives, for example financial objectives such as Result or Turnover. Other objectives can be Market share or Brand recognition. To achieve the objectives, strategies are formulated.

The strategies are often established at operational level and will involve business processes and other organizational activities and resources. The strategy is now at the very top of corporate value chain ruling all the others.

Important parts of a strategy:

  • Analysis. Is this a good strategy? Chance to succeed?
  • Objectives to be measured (Turnover, Market share).
  • Activities (Commercial, Event, Show, Investment, Financing etc.).
  • Risks that might affect the Strategy and activities. Mitigating actions in place?
  • Monitoring of Events that might affect the Strategy.

By sharing the same information model as all other organizational parts (processes, assets, resources, activities) it is possible to monitor progress automatically online. Which activities will tell if the strategy is reaching its objectives? What is the status and progress of these activities?

Web technology helps the Strategy responsible with documentation and analysis. Common work steps are to document in terms of description, analysis, critical success factors, dependencies, responsibilities or classification.


The Strategy can be given a performance score. The list below shows examples of measures to define the score and status.

  • Inventory status
  • Governance compliance status
  • Risk assessment status
  • Control program status
  • KPI measures, critical success factor
  • Non-conformity status


  • Dynamic setup of structure and roles
  • Dynamic setup of inventory content
  • Measurement
  • Control program
  • Dependency functionality
  • Documentation center
  • Non-conformity handling
  • Master data, API, Integration
  • Report generator
  • Search