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Flexible web tool designed to be the single point of entry for the reporting, handling and follow-up of incidents and other events.

Frequently organizations end up with several IT solutions for the reporting of different type of incidents and events. Typically management wants coordinated reports of all types of incidents and events for decision making and a better understanding. iFACTS Incident & Event is designed to be the single point of entry, providing these coordinated reports to management.

Examples of different types of incidents and events to be coordinated:

  • Work accident
  • IT denial of service attack
  • Fire (including address and GPS details)
  • Risk of decreased currency exchange rate (BI, business intelligence)
  • Non-conformity FDA regulation
  • Recommendations from insurance survey
  • Burglary (including type, address, GPS details)
  • Accident, covered by insurance
  • Company brand intrusion
  • Project exceeding budget alarm

To facilitate the handling of events several automated protocols have been developed. For example police report, insurance report, work environment authority report and medical report.

The information in the Incident & Event database is available for analysis and statistics. It also provides a foundation for an Early Warning System.


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  • Dynamic setup of structure and roles
  • Dynamic setup of Event reporting content
  • Assignment of event category handler and approver
  • Escalation, to-do and approval
  • Notification through email
  • Documentation center
  • Monitoring
  • Maps and GPS
  • Non-conformity handling
  • Master data, API, Integration
  • Report generator
  • Search