iFACTS Facility

Web based governance, maintenance and control

Facility overview

Controlling all aspects of Facility Management

iFACTS Facility is designed to be the one entry for facility management with support for activities such as inspections, surveys, checklists, non-conformities, loss prevention and risk assessments.

Often Facility information is scattered in several IT solutions or in manually held files. This creates inefficiency and frustration. Most of this information correlate, proof of systematic fire protection correlates with insurance, address information needs to be the same for statistics and registration.

Examples of Facilities:

  • Office building
  • Warehouse
  • Land
  • Ship
  • Industry
  • Store
  • Power plant

In addition to traditional facility registers, iFACTS Facility supports a wide variety of governance activities, for example loss prevention, systematic fire protection, environmental debt, inspections, risk assessments, regulatory requirements etc.

All facility information is available online for the iFACTS INSMAN insurance management system. This means that all statistics, loss records, analyses or EML-calculations can be accessed instantly.

ResizedImage170148 reportsThe Check & Control module allows for Control programs such as surveys, assessing how the Facility is operated.

Web technology helps the Facility responsible with documentation and analysis. Work steps can also be done by external experts online in the system, such as calculating EML or inspections. All Facilities and performance scores are available for management, control and audit, and business operations that are dependent on the Facility.


The Facility can be given a performance score. The list below shows examples of measures to define the score and status. 

  • Inventory status
  • Governance compliance status
  • Risk assessment status
  • Control program status
  • KPI measures
  • Non-conformity status

ResizedImage407225 facilityevents

  • Dynamic setup of structure and roles
  • Dynamic setup of inventory content
  • Measurement
  • Control program
  • Dependency functionality
  • Documentation center
  • Non-conformity handling
  • Master data, API, Integration
  • Report generator
  • Search