Web based governance, maintenance and control

One of the most vulnerable parts in modern society is the SCADA systems.
It has lately become clear how vulnerable SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are. Today these systems can be built on standard software and available through the internet or LAN/WAN.
Controlling the SCADA systems has become an important part in Risk Management and Business Continuity. However, since these systems often run on non-standard protocols and at the same time utilize the power of internet and modern communication, it becomes difficult to understand the entire scope. Where are the weak links?

Often the plants or machinery that are controlled by SCADA systems are the very base of society's infrastructure such as:

  • Water reservoir
  • Power plants
  • Power distribution grid
  • Hospital
  • Traffic control (flight, train)
  • Broadcasting
  • Internet
  • Telecom
  • Supersized manufacturing

iFACTS SCADA supports documentation of vital parts in the system including suppliers, document control of contracts, control program, dependency mapping to the objects it is connected to such as facilities or machinery.

Web technology helps the SCADA system responsible with documentation and analysis. Common work steps are to document the SCADA system in terms of technical description, content, dependencies, objectives, responsibilities and classification.


The SCADA can be given a performance score. The list below shows examples of measures to define the score and status.

  • Inventory status
  • Governance compliance status
  • Risk assessment status
  • Dependency status
  • KPI measures such as number of errors
  • Non-conformity status
  • Functionality
  • Dynamic setup of structure and roles
  • Dynamic setup of inventory content
  • Measurement
  • Dependency functionality
  • Documentation center
  • Non-conformity handling
  • Master data, API, Integration
  • Report generator
  • Search