product iconiFACTS Check & Control

Control programs, surveys and checklists

iFACTS Check & Control is a flexible web tool to create web control programs, surveys and checklists, and instantly distribute them via the web.

iFACTS Check & Control can be used for several purposes, for example:

  • GAP-analysis to measure the GAP between the actual and desired situation in areas such as information security, environment, fire safety, and quality.
  • Audit control programs such as MIC or RACM.
  • Inspection of facilities and recommended follow up.
  • General surveys for information gathering, customer satisfaction, candidate voting and employee opinion.
  • Creating work task checklists for fire safety inspections, backup procedure or evacuation training.

Experience demonstrates that additional needs quickly arise when creating a control program. Typical examples are:

  • Who should answer which control question?
  • What are the answer categories?
  • If the answer is “not applicable”, what following controlling questions should not be asked?
  • What is the time period of the control program?
  • How do we efficiently distribute the control program?
  • Will we run the same control program next year?
  • Why do we ask these questions? What is their connection to governance?

iFACTS Check & Control has a rich variety of settings to facilitate all of these different needs.


  • Dynamic setup of structure and roles
  • Dynamic setup of Control programs
  • Control program distribution
  • Control question rich settings
  • Milestones and participants
  • Notification, approval
  • Documentation center
  • Monitoring
  • Non-conformity handling
  • Master data, API, Integration
  • Report generator
  • Search